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Private Wealth Management

The Monument Group Approach to Wealth Management

It is our mission to help families define and achieve their personal and financial goals. The Monument Group offers families with substantial assets customized services tailored to individual needs and situations. Those families who do not wish to maintain their  their own family office can have access to all of the services they require through the Monument Group including; asset allocation analysis; investment management cash flow and financial management, estate planning; trust administration; insurance placement and management; business management; succession planning; family meeting organization and facilitation; and foundation and charitable giving management.

Client Profile:

The Monument Group's clients require all of the services that we offer. The client can be an individual, or a multi-generational family. Each family’s service is personalized and customized to meet its specific needs.

Every client receives a tailored plan designed around five key financial areas:

  • Retirement
  • Educating Planning
  • Taking care of loved ones
  • Planning for Major Purchases
  • Estate preservation and legacy planning

Before we ever talk about assets or investments, we want to learn your views and values and design an investment plan that works for you.

Once established, we continue to monitor the plan to help ensure that it evolves with your circumstances and priorities.


The Monument Group Manager Selection Preferences

The Monument Group adds an additional layer of screens and builds on long standing relationships to narrow down the list of approved managers that we entrust with our clients’ money.

We typically recommend a blend of low-cost, passive index funds and actively managed strategies, depending on a client’s investment objective. When selecting an active manager, we prefer to work with managers who embody an attitude of stewardship and who are willing to think long term to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We tend to prefer strategies with certain characteristics including:

–Low asset turnover
–Lower down-market capture
–High conviction (willingness to concentrate the number of positions or hold cash)
–Fair fee structure
–Invest their own money alongside clients
–Straightforward investment process which is repeatable and capable of delivering success over the long term



FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals
FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals